Same Day Teeth (All on Four)

Winnipeg Dental Implant

One of the great innovations in the world of implant dentistry is the advent of Same Day Teeth implant capabilities, also known as All-on-Four. Whereas in the past each tooth needed its own implant, today we can maximize the number of teeth replaced with a minimal number of implants (often only four).

This leads to both time and money savings for our patients, as they are often up to half the cost of traditional dentures! Best of all, our patients can leave Southwest Specialty Group the same day as the procedure with a whole new smile!

How Same Day Teeth Works

Incredibly efficient and cost-effective, Same Day Teeth procedures require as few as four implants to support a full arch (upper or lower jaw) of replacement teeth. It all begins with a thorough examination and i-CAT scan, which allows us to develop a treatment plan and implant placement guide.

To save additional costs, we will often transform a patient’s existing removable denture into a permanent prosthesis. Alternatively, we will create a new non-removable prosthesis that will fit into the carefully placed implants.