Ceramic Crown on Implant

Winnipeg Dental Implant

In cases where the root and tooth are both damaged, a crown on implant will often serve as the best permanent replacement. For a crown on implant, a dental implant is affixed to your jaw, and it is topped with a ceramic crown, restoring your smile’s form and function quickly and easily.

Looking, fitting and acting just like a natural tooth, you won’t even know your new implant is there! Quick, cost-effective and virtually pain-free, this implant procedure is a common occurrence here at Southwest Specialty Group.

Benefits of a Crown on Implant:

  • Teeth will immediately function as normal
  • Crown on implants look and feel great
  • Offers a permanent, stable solution

What to Expect with a Crown on Implant

Beginning with an X-ray and oral exam, your dental specialist will begin designing your new implant. The implant is then installed directly into the jaw where it will integrate with the existing bone. A new ceramic tooth and crown are then installed, and you will leave with a fully functioning new bite.