Bridge on Implants

Winnipeg Dental Implant

The purpose of a dental bridge is to literally ‘bridge the gap’ formed by one or multiple missing teeth. The bridge (one or more fake teeth) is anchored to the teeth on each side of the gap, and held in place. With Bridge on Implants, the same concept applies only the dental bridge is affixed to multiple implants instead of natural teeth.

An implant supported bridge helps to alleviate the pressure on one tooth or implant that comes from biting and chewing. The bridge will spread that force amongst the neighbouring teeth, reducing the chances of a cracked tooth.

Reasons for a Bridge on Implant:

  • Worries about bite pressure
  • A secure and reliable solution
  • Preserves your facial appearance
  • Prevents bone loss

What to Expect with a Bridge on Implant

The process begins with a full oral exam and X-rays, which will help our team design the perfect bridge for your jaw. Once the bridge is ready, we will affix your dental implant, and attach the new bridge.