COVID-19 Update: Critical Level (Red) Response
Southwest Specialty Group

We are operating within a code red bubble and are open during the current lockdown. The following measures are in place to ensure your safety in our clinic.

Safety Protocols

  • Temperature and oxygenation screening with a safety officer before entering the clinic
  • A hand sanitization, mask and glove station at the entrance
  • An updated waiting area with clear acrylic dividers between chairs that are disinfected after every patient
  • Surgically Clean Air HEPA purifier units and MedEVAC HEPA scrubber units in every treatment room to ensure a clean environment with an ACPH (air changes per hour) of 42
  • All our staff members wear P100 respirators, safety shields, caps, gloves, surgical scrubs, and sterile gowns

At Southwest Specialty Group, we practice safety excellence, following the 5S System. We’re all in this together and we stand ready to serve you with rigorous safety protocols in place.

Let Us Put Your Mind at Ease

Southwest Specialty Group has never been safer. As essential health care providers we continue to deliver excellent dental care in an environment you can feel safe to be in.

Call us today to learn more about the safety protocols we have in place.